Cloud Cooking is a professionally managed, end-to-end meal service provider, which delivers hot, fresh, varied and delicious food for corporate and other institutions. We ensure this by employing the best in technology, using the choicest of ingredients and by following the most stringent of quality practices.
Be it breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner or anything in between - We make everyday meals memorable.
  • Dal Ka Pool: We can produce enough Dal to fill an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Roti Express: We can produce enough Rotis in a day to lay them one after the other all the way from Vadodara to Ahmedabad and back on the Expressway
  • Rice Measure: In one hour we can produce rice equivalent to the weight of an elephant
  • Spec-tea-cular: We can produce enough tea to give a small cup to every resident of Vadodara every day
  • Vada Wonders: We can cook more pieces of Batata Vada in one hour than the total number of runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar in his entire career
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